How Technology will Change The Future of Work

How Technology will Change The Future of Work

This is without any doubt the age of technology and the digital revolution. With internet proliferation to every part of the world, we see technological gadgets and devices being used by every person around us. Not just individually but also at corporate levels, technological change is evident from the new processes and systems being installed every few years.

Automation of various activities has changed the way we used to work in the past. Looking back at the invention of the wheel, cavemen moved forward to a whole new era of efficiency and productivity. However, as time passed new technologies started taking over the world and making it much easier and convenient for the people to do various types of works.

In the previous decades, many new technologies were introduced to the industrial world. But today, some of these technologies have even become obsolete or have been overtaken by an innovative version of the same. Every day, scientists and researchers are working hard to introduce new and better technologies to the world. These technologies are there to make work easier for the performer and reduce the efforts required to complete a task.

Technology is being used in every walk of the society. Everywhere we look some technological device or gadget is being employed by human beings to make their work simpler and faster. From households to large corporations, technology is dominant everywhere.
Let us now look at various ways how technology is changing the future of work.

Ways technology will change the work in future:

• Automation of activities:
Every day new technologies are emerging to make small office activities automated. With fewer efforts required from humans, the workforce of an organization will be directed towards more important activities like decision making and research. Example of chatbots to answer small customer queries is a great way to provide good customer service without any breaks.

• Conduction of Meetings:
In the past businessmen used to travel long distances to meet partners and potential customers and suppliers. Today, the digital revolution has allowed them to conduct virtual meetings without the need to move physically. This saves time and cost of both the parties and is more convenient for everyone.

• The disappearance of traditional jobs:
With artificial intelligence developing fast in the corporate world, its application will change the way people are employed in an organization. The need to hire an individual to do a certain job might be taken over by a robot or AI-based system. So the traditional jobs might be vanishing from the world and become a thing in the history.

Enhanced creativity:
When trivial office activities will be taken over by robots and AI-based systems, the human capital will be free to be employed in more vital tasks. The employment will be more skill based and they will have more time and energy to work on creative activities and projects instead of worrying about redundant and repetitive activities. Strategic decisions will be made with more concern and humans will have more impact on the way they mold the organizations’ direction.

Working from Remote offices:
Already in place in many corporations, employees will be able to work from remote locations with the help of internet and smart devices. Humans will no longer be restricted in productivity due to location barrier. Working from anywhere and anytime will be possible in near future in almost all types of activities and professions. Office activities will be carried out even from home without having to physically go to the facility. All this will be very common in the future work environment.

These are only a few ways technology will impact the working atmosphere of the future organizations. As time passes by, more research and development in various sectors of technology is likely to happen. New technologies and evolution in existing ones will generate various technological shifts and transformations in the working world. Not only this but the individual and personal lives of the human beings will also be influenced by many of these technologies, changing the way they live and survive and carry out their daily household activities. So, just sit back and watch what the new technology might have in store for us.

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