5 Crazy Ways People Applied For A Job

5 Crazy Ways People Applied For A Job

Many people, from different corners of the world, apply for a particular job. Only few are selected and called for an interview. That’s because they take a creative and non-conventional approach. Following are some of these candidates who pushed their boundaries a little harder to secure jobs. Have a look:

 Applied For A Job

 Using Google Ads to join an Ad agency

In 2010, an aspiring creative created a new method to approach the top influential directors. When he came to know that they google their own name from time to time, he hatched out this plan. He paid $6 to Google for showing up his advertisement at the search page of his five favorite creative directors. So, when they googled their name, his name, introduction appeared, directing them towards his CV. His plan worked and he got 4 interview calls and 2 job offers. He carved a way for those who want to try their fate in the top-notch companies.

Susan Hires a Boss

Susan tried a very different way to find a job. She set up a blog where she put all her credentials. The fun part was, along with her credentials, she mentioned the qualities she wanted her boss-to-be to have.

This is what she wrote:

”Hi. I”m Susan.

 My superpower is getting things done. It”s an exceedingly rare and critical superpower.

 I battle the agent of chaos. I over deliver. I delight. I amaze.

 And I”m looking for a place in need of a superhero like me.”

Indeed it was a bold move but it worked in her favor. She immediately caught the attention of many companies. 10 companies landed up her interview. Finally, one of them hired her as a product evangelist.

Candidate spends all his money on a billboard

Adam Pacitti took an impressive gamble to secure a job. He was running out of money, and had only last £500. He invested this amount on a billboard. He put up all his credentials and a link to his CV on a billboard to get a job. Alongside, he started a campaign on social media in search of a job. Offers started rolling in and he ended up getting more than 60 job offers. His idea of spending all his money on a billboard gave him what he desired–a dream job of producing viral content for a plenty of TV projects.

Writing a Buzz Feed ‘listicle’ Cover Letter

Amy Hill was an aspiring content writer. She wanted to work in a firm where she could showcase her skills. She submitted her CV along with a listicle-style cover letter. It stood her out from the other candidates and she secured a job. Her innovative approach even got featured on the daily muse. She introduced a new way of submitting your CV to different organizations. She deserves a pat on her back.

 Writing a rap for your favorite architect

 French architecture graduate Étiene Duval impressed his favorite architect Bjarke Ingels by sending him a rap video CV along with his credentials. It immediately drew the attention of an architect and also brought the concept of video CV to the limelight. Ingels really liked his unconventional approach of sending a video CV. The application of Duval is in the final stages. Most likely he will secure a job within this year. Let’s see what fate has stored for Duval. No matter what fate offers Duval, he has surely left his imprint in the history for his creativity.


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